Noli Alleje Managing Director, The Property Forum

Noli Alleje, known in the real estate industry as “El Subastahero,” heads The Property Forum Philippines, the #1 auctioneer in the country today.He also produced the first real estate TV show in the Philippines.

Noli pioneered the auction sales system in the country and has bid out over 4,000 real estate assets worth more that P8 billion all over the Philippines.His first major deal was when he had an auction in UCPB and it was sold out. Later on, he was able to purchase the asset management company of GE Money Bank.

He has handled various real estate developers as exclusive marketer and heads the international real estate promoter recruitment for Landco Pacific. For years, Noli has acquired all sorts of real estate, from raw land and house and lots to buildings and even an island. He has done every kind of real estate strategy, including holding, fixing, leasing, and flipping.

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